With his home video cover of the Bruce Sprinsteen hit, Tougher Than the Rest, 2016 turned into quite an eventful year for this young Eastern Cape artist. His cover not only made an impression on the Afrikaans music industry, but lead to his platinum selling debut album: Kleindorp-Dromer. 

Original tracks, like Afrikaans Sal Bly, Die Lyn, en Honderd Duisend Maal, not only showcased his talent as a writer, but honestly conveyed the simplicity of the small town experience. His debut album, was fusion of nostalgic country with pop hooks and melodies. 

The success of his debut album, was followed up, with the runaway success of his second studio album, Boomhuis. The lead single of this album, Vuur Op Die Water, introduced a new colourful and fearless phase for this former theatre student. As conceptualised in the Vuur op die Water music video - which has received millions of views to date. 

The success of Vuur op die Water, was followed by a series of aesthetically dynamic videos for songs like: Woorde Uit Jou Mond, In Hierdie Ding, and the moving ballad, Tussen Die Lakens. Supporters were able to join in on this experience by joining him at his nationwide tours. 

His lyrics have featured on tracks like Dalk, with Refentse, Andriette’s Sy Is Ma, as well as on the anthemic single, Ons Maak Saak - featuring Brendan Peyper, Christia Visser, and Refentse.  

His work has been described as unexpected, fresh, unique, and proudly Afrikaans. Yet, amongst all these descriptors, it is his baritone vocals that pack the real punch. 

His highly anticipated third studio album, Rugsak, is set to showcase Elandré riding on a new wave. It is expected to deliver a few pleasant surprises, as well as showcase a new take on his already unique musical stylings. 

“I have been taught that each person possesses a proverbial backpack in which they carry the stones they have accumulated on the road of life. In the silences of the last year I took the opportunity to turn out mine, and assess my own collection. Some stones were shiny, others were dull, but all together they have contributed to a weight that has ultimately strengthened me.” - Elandre

Supporters can now go listen to his lead single from this album, Binne en Buite. (Now available on all digital platforms.)

Pack your bags, and get set to join in on a new adventure!