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It was only a few years after Elandré left the small coastal town of Despatch at 19 for theatre school, in Cape Town, that his keen eye and lifelong love for the stage would surely come in handy. His viral online cover of Bruce Springsteen’s; Tougher than The Rest, lead to him signing his first major record deal in 2016. 

His affinity for songwriting was successfully showcased on his debut album Kleindorp-Dromer, achieving gold status within a mere three months. This was triumphantly followed by the multiplatinum dance driven album; Boomhuis. A childlike obsession with the visual arts found a home within reoccurring collaborations with video director Christian Wolf. Across four albums they have repeatedly managed to deliver consecutive hit-music videos from ‘Vuur Op Die Water, Tussen Die Lakens, and Woorde Uit Jou Mond; to Waar Die Wind My Waai and Binne & Buite from the Europop album Rugsak. Most recently kicking off a new era with the video for ‘Asseblief’.

Polished versatility combined with an honest coastal calm. 

Estetika is a striking return for Elandré with two of its singles Hand aan Hand and Lieflik - both already certified gold. The record is a romantic drive down the road of 2000’s Afrikaans garage rock, and MK-Mania. 

After only a couple of years on the Afrikaans music scene, he has between studio and stage garnered loyal support amongst Afrikaans listeners alike with his unique pop perspective.

Elandré’s catalogue showcases Afrikaans music dressed in a range of different designs, nostalgically striving forward with every new addition.

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